About this Website

I will use this site to share records about the American Revolutionary War that were either penned by members of the auxiliary forces themselves or that relate to their experiences (here is a brief introduction to my work on German Views of the American Revolution). My focus will be on material that has not previously been transcribed and translated. Some entries will be short, others will be more extensive. They will be drawn from a wide range of sources, from official military records and regimental journals to personal notes and correspondence never intended for a broader audience. Some of the items will be drawings, such as maps. They represent a wide range of experiences, emotions and sentiments; their tone and content can be serious, curious, passionate, angry, amusing, cheerful, hopeful, deflated, sad. Taken together, my hope is that this material will broaden our understanding of the German troops’ varied experiences in the war.

Unless otherwise noted, all transcriptions and translations are mine.

If you are using material from this blog/website in digital and print publications, presentations, etc., please include a citation with link.

I welcome comments and questions! Please do not hesitate to Contact me.